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Q1:How to use MiraCurl correctly?
A1: The open part of the curl chamber should face towards the head (photo 1).
If face in the opposite way, the hair will not be in ordered.

Q2:How to handle if the hair is tangled in the curl chamber?
A2:Don’t panic. Switch off first. Then use the tail of the comb to pull out gently from the chamber. If taken too much hair, the MiraCurl will stop and beep to indicate a problem.
Q3:How to create fabulous curls?
A3:Ensure that the hair is clean, dry and combed through, select a section of hair no more than 1.5” wide (if taken too much hair, the curl will stop and beep to indicate a problem) for creating a beautiful and shine curls.
Gently pull or twist hair towards the direction you wanted in 3-5 seconds when there is some heat in the hair, more natural curls will be created.
Q4:Is the hair getting hurt if there is water vapor and smoke comes out when using?
A4:No. Unlike other styling products, there is water vapor and smoke comes out from a small hole of the ceramic curl chamber. Thus, it will not hurt the hair. Besides, it is more safe and reliable of using MiraCurl because of the professional settings: heat, timer, audio beep indicator.
Q5:Is it necessary to use styling products?
A5: It is not necessary to use styling products to keep the curling effect. It is recommended to use for better results.
Q6:Is MiraCurl suitable for different lengths of the hair?
A6:Yes, from longer lengths to shorter styles, no matter what the hair type, it will create shiny, long-lasting curls, every time in seconds.
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